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  • This car will be invincible; it'll take us down to Battersea High Stweet in half an hour, give those Bowwibles a beating and bwing us back in time for bweakfast.
  • Shared Senior Housing in Ellijay GA
    Shared Senior Housing in Ellijay GA

    Shared Senior Housing in Ellijay GA
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    Shared Housing for Senior Ladies -
    Maintain your Independence while
    Enjoying your Golden Years with Friends

    Your golden years are not so golden if you worry about your day-to-day safety or if you are lonely living at home by yourself. Costs are greater when you live alone and you have all the responsibility of remembering to take care of everything. If you don't want to live with family and you are certainly not ready for a nursing home, this may be a good alterntive for you.
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  • After all the years you have spent working and taking care of others, why not choose an alternative housing solution that will allow you to maintain your resources, have less responsibility and lower costs, enjoy the companionship of others and still maintain your independence.
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    This one level ranch home near the square in beautiful downtown Ellijay allows you to walk to the Gilmer County Senior Center for lunches and social activities and to take advantage of bus service. You can walk or ride a scooter to dine or shop in the historic Ellijay square.
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  • At the top of the stairs they paused for a moment.

  • If you like to take classes, a college will soon be opening the doors of a mini campus also within walking distance of the house. Local shops within walking distance also provide opportunities for part-time employment, if you would still like to work a little. Volunteer opportunities abound in Ellijay if you like to volunteer. For more information on Ellijay and the surrounding area, see Ellijay is a great place for family to come visit - if you can find the time for them!
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  • This light and bright home features one large bedroom with private bath and two rooms that share a bath. There is a shared kitchen with lots of storage, large family room and dining room, laundry room and workshop with an extra toilet. A generator provides emergency power. An RV space in the backyard provides a space for visitors to power up. The backyard is fenced and has ample space for a garden. The rocking chair front porch even has a view of the mountains.

    This home is just blocks from the Ellijay Hospital with many other professional services close by.
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  • Residents rent their individual rooms and help choose the next roommate to be sure that their personalities are compatible. A housekeeper comes in once per week to keep everything neat and tidy. Basic yard care is taken care of and the Utilties are included. Almost like a sorority house for seniors!
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  • I didn't know he had any family, the woman told her.
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  • E-mail us today for more info: